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07 October 2010

National Geographic - Dessert !!!

Dropped by National Geographic in Vivo City for dessert several days ago.
I've been to Vivo City for 3-4 times this week =_="
No choice.
Bugis and Orchard are just too far from my house
*Sigh Sigh Sigh*

Love the ambience though...

The cafe was located inside the national geographic gallery.

They offer various type of Cheeses!

I love their kitchenette !
I want to have that kind of kitchenette for my future house =)
(I'll definitely add-on a lil bit of Victorian style to it)

Pincho !
Oktoberfest !
Sausages + Pizza + Beers ! $40 !

Grilled pork Fillet
Nice ! but portion too small. =)


Mini Profitroles
Blueberry Cheese cake ! $6.50

Oreo Cheese cake ! $6.50

Desserts attack !
The have cookies too !!


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