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20 October 2010

I Love Magazine(s) !!!

These were the latest issues of magazines I got recently...
Latest as in November Issue !

Ok actually only CLEO magazine is mine..
Haha The rest belong to my bro. =P
I guest you know why...
Harry Potter cover lol !
Anyway let me highlight some interesting and latest news for you =)
Anna sui NEW perfumes !!! am going to get one =)
Adoy my bf surprises me by appearing on magazine !! Hahaha =P
Aha...I hope it come true... Nah Harry Potter 7 !!! Someone just can't wait for it !!
Hello Kitty Maybelline Mascara !!
Which colour are you?
Paul frank Lip smacker !!! So cute!!!
Fancl Ballet Collection Skin care...
Love Pink !!!

Want some breakfast?
Tea, Honey and EGG !!! Omg !!!

I am going to find out more about TONY MOLY product !!!!!!!!

Omg Girls don't you think it's COOL??
I don't care ! I'll definitely try !!!
I have checked the price...
mad $110 !!!

Awesome spot in Spore...
Am going to check it out...
Can't wait for HOLIDAY =(

Jessie, Cyndi, June are here !! haahaa...

Cruising ob board Legend of The Seas, anyone? =)

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