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05 October 2010

House of Sundanese

Thanks to him,

we randomly went to Suntec City last weekend.

He was planning to go to Gain City Sale..
I don't know why and how the word "Suntec" appeared in his mind.
We went to the wrong place =_="
The sale was at Expo Hellow? wake up!

Instead of going back,
we took the opportunity to walk around and explore.
I thought I can get to see some water flowing out at the fountain of wealth.
I was too early..
The water will only flow out at 08.00 pm hahaha..

We had our dinner at this restaurant called
The House of Sundanese - Near to the fountain.

The interior was very Indonesianize =)

Love the plate =P

Aha yes..!!
The chilli was awesome and too bad they were charging for it =P

This is what it means
That stone of chilli cost us $0.20 =P

We ordered a jug of Cincao to share....
All of us have different colour straw !! =P

I don't know him

Kangkong as always...
I don't like it though. It was fried with some beans.

Taupoh Goreng Isih =) Fried Tofu with Filling
BBQ prawn - real fresh and nice !!

Bro's BBQ chicken. He like it.

Their Fried Chicken - They said it was not very nice.

Sigh ! a simple meal like this cost us about Rp 500.000
Each of us can have two or even more crab(s) in Indonesia. =(


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