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05 October 2010

He kiap'-ed a doll for ME =P

After our dinner from House of Sundanese,

We went to the Arcade !

And there's this doll-kiaping section
(Haha I don't know what it called)

I always wanted a doll that specially kiap by him..
So I can show off to my friend on fb
" bf kiap for me ler.." Hahaha...
Unfortunately, he always give up half way huh!

I was asking for this one !!
So cute right omg !!

He tried it...

Thanks! =_="
He only managed to get me this super duper mini one !

He said
"You thought that's easy? The smaller it is the tougher it is.."
=_=" okay, that's HIS theory haha..

Ehya and some mentos'es =P

It was fun though =P
Thanks for the super duper mini doll =P

After that,
we decided to go to Eng Wah Cinema
I've ever heard about this cinema when I lived in TPY
What I knew about this was,
the name sounds China and it's for elderly lol

I was wrong..
There were actually a lot of latest movies and
the cinema was not too old

The popcorn packaging was in PINK some more hahaha...

We bought a popcorn
a chocolate pocky
a potato chips
2 hot milo
2 mineral water

We watched "Other guys"
The movie was funny and entertaining.
Worth to watch. I give it 8/10.

Lastly the neoprint we took at the arcade.
Me Bro and Housemates. =P

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