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26 October 2010

Halloween Singapore

OMG !!! Halloween is coming !!! 31st October !!
I hate it !!! exam is also coming !!
=( I am really really stress recently !
I can't sleep well, I can't play well, I can't eat well !!
Everything is so MIXED !!!!
I afraid I will fail my exam...REALLY !!

Fiuh....was thinking to go for Halloween Party BUT....
I am so stress of exam.
Can't really decide whether to GO or NOT !!
hmph...Anyway...If you're thinking of going,
These will be some places you can consider!

**Halloween Horror 2010 @ Singapore Night Safari !**
Ticket price for this weekend 29, 30 & 31 Oct are $50/adult !!

** Spooktacular @ Sentosa **

Ticket price for this weekend are $38/adult !

Want Cheaper Option??
** The Museum of Horror @ Scape ! **

It's only $12 for weekend !!
and it's until 3 nov !! I can go after exam ! yes !

I found this when I went to Cathay with JC and Cynn couple days ago...
Some ghosts were wandering around...

Ghost couple met! hahahaha...

aha ! spotted them !!
So the event will be held at Scape !! Near to cine I think...

Ahrr !!!

Hahaha I wonder how much did they get paid for this job? =P

So !!! These are the information I know so far..
I think there will be some Halloween event happening at
clubs, science center etc too.
What's your plan for this Halloween? Leave comment ! =)

If you've more info, Kindly share... =)

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