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31 October 2010

Halloween Dinner

I rushed to Orchard after my OB exam yesterday.
I was invited to an event. =) Will blog about it soon!
Had dinner at T.G.I.F (Thanks God It's Friday!)
even ystd was Saturday lol

It's happening tonight !!!
Halloween Carnevil !!
Might want to drop by and have some fun...

The restaurant was decorated with some Halloween-ish decoration !

Not bad huh?

It was my 1st visit to T.G.I.F

This is me! with their menu! hahaha...
Don't blame me.
It's exam period I just can't control my meal and grow fatter =P

Attention to detail !!

can you feel it?

Bro ordered Hot Chocolate

Mango Caramel Mojito for me.
Didn't manage to finish it..
The Malibu was too strong wekkk....

It was crowded last night.
Luckily we can get a table after about 5mins of waiting..
Al fresco!

These were what we ordered....
A platter for 3 (for me and him) $38? and tomato basil pasta (bro's) $20 !

Pork rib, shrimp, chicken.
Love the Jack Daniel sauce ! yummy yummy!!!
(Btw, I just realized that it has been so long since last time I blogged abt food !!!)
And now, I don't know how to describe la haha!!

I love the rib and totally mad about the sauce !!
that's all I can say lol

Overall it was a nice experience...

BUT the total hit 1o0 bucks !! a bit over-pricey hmph...

Have a Spooky Halloween !!!

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