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29 October 2010

Had fun w/ JC and Cynn

Went to Orchard 3/4 days ago.
Meet-up session w/ duo-Indosui - Jc and Cynn..
It was heavily rained ! Duh...
Love and Hate!

Had lunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe..
Then went to catch "I Give My First Love To You"
It was a Sad Love Story. 7/10
We sat on the 1st row !!
Luckily, I brought my sun glasses with me Haha..

For the first time!
I watched movie from the 1st row, with my sunglasses..

How cool was it =P

Some events were happening at Cineleisure,
Play Station Move Carnival!
Like them on face book and received a ps3 move Pen/Lanyard !

Sjora !
Take photo for Free !! printed out for you too..
It was for a contest I think..haha..
we though it was why not?

Then went to Coffee Bean for Dinner..
and home !!! was god-damn exhausted !
But I'd love more of meeting session w/ them haha... =)
after EXAM !! =(

2 more exams to go !!!

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