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02 October 2010

Dinner for Schmucks

Went to catch "Dinner for Schmucks" with ptbf...
Again thanks!

Hahaha to be honest, sometimes I am confused LoL
I collected my tickets at the wrong booth last time
I went to nuffnang booth to collect my ticket omg =_="
At first, they couldn't find my name on the list
I was shock! and luckily they were nice people..
one of them said she remembered me
and she gave me the tickets..

Then I realized
"Omg..this is not the movie that I RSVP-ed to. LoL"
luckily they didn't turn me down and make me look bad on spot.
Hahaha omg stupid me =_="

Here's the synopsis of the movie

The comedy Dinner for Schmucks tells the story of Tim (Paul Rudd), an up-and-coming executive who has just received his first invitation to the "dinner for idiots," a monthly event hosted by his boss that promises bragging rights (and maybe more) to the exec that shows up with the biggest buffoon. Tim's fiance, Julie, finds it distasteful and Tim agrees to skip the dinner, until he bumps into Barry (Steve Carell) an IRS employee who devotes his spare time to building elaborate taxidermy mouse dioramas and quickly realizes he's struck idiot gold. Tim can't resist, and invites Barry, whose blundering good intentions soon sends Tim's life into a frenzied downward spiral and a series of comic misadventures, threatening a major business deal, bringing crazy stalker ex-girlfriend, Darla, back into Tim's life and driving Julie (or so Tim thinks) into the arms of another man.

So finally we got to settle down and enjoy the movie
Dinner for Schmucks !!

It was a very funny and entertaining movie..!!
The story was about this guy called Tim.
In order for him to get promoted,
he have to invite an Idiot to a dinner.

And he met Barry!
An artistic person with his mouse-terpiece.

There's this scene where
Tim have brunch with his guest and suprisingly,
Barry came together with an irritating girl called Darla.
a lot of funny things happened !!
I am so sorry
but I really don't know how to describe it one by one.

Personally, I found the scene very very funny !
and there's no way to laugh unless you watch it yourself !

The ending was touching though.
He feel bad to Barry and decided to tell him the truth.

Overall I rate the movie 7/10.

Anyway so!

This is us with our couple hair colour LoL
ehya I love my eye bag FMEB =_="

Went to Ritz Apple Strudel and Pastry after the Movie..

(picture was taken the day before
actually we went there at about 9.30pm lol)
Bought one full size of apple strudel...
We (ptbf, his bro, my bro and I) finished half of it there
and half of it I requested for take away.

It was $19.80 enough for 8!

I will try durian/mango strudel next time...!! =)


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