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09 October 2010

Celebrate Birthday with Family!

Thanks Papa and Mama !

Taken at Toast box- Bugis

These 21 years were not easy !

Thanks Daddy for every single cent you've earned and spent on me.
You've been working very hard just to make sure
Mum, Bro, Sis and I can have a good life.
Besides, you always get me whatever things I want!
You're the best Daddy in the world.
I am totally-pampered !
I know I am your princess Haha I mean (over-weight) princess =P

Thanks Mommy !!
For me, you're the best Woman and Mommy in the world.
You're just like my friend. Of course! even better than a friend.
I am so happy that I can have someone to share my story with.
And even happier because it's you! my mummy!
Thank you so much for your understanding, encouragement and support.
I am really happy to have a mom like YOU =)
Lastly, you're the best chef in the world.
In other word, I've been living in a high-class restaurant for 21 years !!
Hahaha so now you know, my weight is not a surprise =P

Taken at Iluma

Thanks Bro and Sis.
Without you guys, my 21 years won't be so FUN.
Hahaha Thanks dad and mum for creating bro and sis.
They are just EXTREMELY FUN.
We can really laugh till breath-less when we're together =)

Toast Box - Bugis

I love them!! I love my Family!
Don't worry I am finally 21 years old !
I can work, I can earn money, I can be independent!
I promise I'll try my best to be a successful person
and make you guys proud =)

Lastly, Thanks Baby !
You've been taking care of me for several years.
Even it wasn't perfect =P
Can you please love me more? Please.. =(

Anyway !
So on 6th of October 2010,
Dad, Mum, Sis and Sis-bf came to Singapore.
They were here just to celebrate my birthday!
How cool is that?

Hohoho so from my house, we went to Bugis.
We took some pictures at the photo booth before starting to shop!

Then, after from Bugis we went to Marina Bay Sands.
Just for a quick stroll.
MBS - That's sis's bf btw..

Then. we went to Jumbo for Dinner...
- The Riverside Point -

We were facing to the Singapore River !!

Again, Daddy Mummy!

I forgot the name..whatever roll! lol

salted egg prawn

Seaweed tofu

chilli crab !

Black Pepper Crab

There were other dishes but I didn't take the photo of it..
Because, I've ever took the picture of those dishes before!
refer to my previous post HERE

Bday cake by Bakerzin from Jumbo !

My wishes for this wear will be;
1. Finish my degree ASAP
2. Go for a cruise holiday ! or Phuket or wherever! =(
3. My family stasy healthy, happy and wealthy =P
4. Someone would love me more =(
5. More readers
6. More advetorial, event, income through blogging Hehe

That's it I think..
ohya! I wish Gucci can get a wife soon too! Hahahaa...

Ammmmmm !!
Ammmmmmm !!

The dinner costed about $300 / 7 Person
Hmm...not so bad...Food was not bad...

That's it!
I am blessed !


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