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15 October 2010

Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip

**Frequently Asked Question**

1. What type of skin do you have?
I've a combination skin.
My skin on my cheek is dry and t-zone is oily.
Besides, unfortunately, my skin is super hyper sensitive! =(
sad sad..

You can refer to my previous post and find out
how many doctors I've been to.

2. How often do you apply eye make up?
I seldom apply eye make up in my daily life.
(as in to Office and Campus or just random dinner/shopping),
Unless, it is a special occasion or I just feels like to make up!
Otherwise, I'd just apply basic eye make up
NO fake lashes, NO eye shadow, NO contact lens!
Just eye liner =)

For this review, I purposely put on make up !
And I bun-ed up my hair..Hahaha...

Ok these are not important! LoL

3. Do you use make up remover? which brand?

As a make up lover,
I need to have a GOOD make up remover
that doesn't clog pores and doesn't stain my pillow !!
I need a powerful yet
skin-friendly product to remove my make up!
most importantly product that will not cause ACNE !

I've been using blue-cocktail colour make up remover
let's not talk about the brand =P

4. In your opinion, what will be the hardest make up to remove?
The hardest make up to remove will be;
1. Eye make up (with water proof mascara)
2. Fake lashes (I will talk more about this...)
3. Lipstick (I am sorry but I don't know about lipstick!)
4. Liquid foundation !!

I usually applied liquid foundation with my finger.
Guess what? even hand soap cant remove it =_="
yes that water-proof !
Best to use when you want to look pretty when you go for swimming

5. Which is/are the irritating part of removing eye make up process?
1. You need 4-5 times and 4-5 cottons to fully removed your eye make up!!
2. The product is too oily !!
Those are really irritating and time consuming!

6. How much are you willing to spend on make-up remover?
$30 maximum ! =P

Now, Let me introduce you the latest make up remover I found !!

Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

Excuse me it's in PINK !!! OMG !

Let me do a demonstration for you guys !
I am going to remove my eye make up in front of your PC!

Before I start,
Let me share some tips;

Do you know how to properly remove your fake eyelash?
Some of you out there might said that
"just pluck it out !"
Let me tell you WRONG !!! Don't do that!
as It will loosen your eye lid *I am not kidding*

the most proper way is to use cotton bud and eye make up remover
slowly clean the glue part near your lashes
until the fake lashes drop itself.

However, I agree, it's too troublesome!
Hahaha what I've been doing was just to;
soak my eyes make up with cotton and eye make up remover
then gently remove everything.
Refer to my picture below.

Now, let's compare !

A product that I currently have
(I mosaic-ed the brand)
Biore make up remover for eye and lip

I declare that
I used same amount of remover
and clean it within same amount of time (30 seconds)!

shake and pour product onto cotton pad

I've removed my right side eye make up

now left side...

Now, let the picture do the talking
see the difference !!

I've decided !!
I'll stick to this product !

It was so effective !
It removed my
eye shadow,
eye liner,
waterproof mascara,
fake lashes
and lashes glue
in three simple step !!!

1. Shake and Soak
2. Clean make up on eye lid and lashes
3. Clean the residue on lower eyelid and under eye area.


It reduces the need for repeated wiping which really amazed me.
You know some products were just too weak!
I mean you need to soak it a lot of time to remove it
and when you're irritated you'll tend rub your eyes.
Wrong Wrong Wrong!! please don't do that!

I highly recommend you guys to go for
Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip !
and guess what? It's only $14.90 !!!!

Biore Rock My Makeup! =P
From now on,
I'll apply more make up because removing it is so easy!

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