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14 October 2010

Biore Make up Remover !

OMG !!
Received some Biore's make up remover from The Sample Store!
The parcel arrived on Monday!
**Happy Happy**

Btw, that's Kuromi!
She can talk you know..
Hahaha It's actually a sound recorder...
CUTE right????
Btw...the bracelet in kuromi's neck is from Cynn !!
Pearly PINK from Bali nice max!!! Thanks Cynn =)

These were the items I got...

Biore cleansing oil cotton facial sheets,
Biore's new water based make up remover
Biore make up remover for eye and lip

Haha can't stop smiling =P

Recently, I can't sleep well!
My day and night were mixed up =(
Obvious Panda's eyes and Swollen face huff !!!

I need MASKS !!!! =(

I am going to blog about the products tonight stay tune!

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