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16 October 2010

Biore Hydra Clear Makeup Remover

Now, when I only have basic make up on my face,
I'll use this

Biore Hydra Clear Makeup Remover

If you've been following my blog,
you should know that I've been using this make up remover since last year.
For your information, this is my 3rd bottle of
Biore Hydra-clear make up remover !!

I love it because;

It's easy to use
easy to rinse off
and it clean my make up thoroughly !!!
(liquid foundation, powder, blush-on and eye liner)

The texture of the liquid was just like water.
In fact, it's a water-based makeup remover.
Not as thick as oil or lotion.
It's very easy to rinse off
as dissolves right away upon contact with water!!
I am not kidding!
Besides, I love the packaging. nice and simple !

How to use the product?
Just pour, clean and rinse !!
save money.
NO NEED to use COTTON !! haha..

1. Just apply on dry face(Attention dry face!),
2. Spread evenly over face and eye area,
3. Massage gently to dissolve make up
4. Rinse thoroughly with water.

After cleansing, my skins feels soft and smooth.
it also gives me a refreshing and clean feel.
Most importantly, it's non-drying and non-oily !
It works well on my sensitive skin!
The best make up remover I've tried so far.

It removes my waterproof liquid foundation easily!!

Lastly, Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover is suitable for
all skin types.
It retails at $22.90 per 200ml bottle
and is available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and

omg! so girls, what are you guys waiting for? =)

Want to feel fresh? Clean your face !

Remember to always remove your make up before going to bed.
Even when you're drunk =P

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