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18 October 2010

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets.

I know I know...
I have been missing !! hohoho...
I was working for Natas Journey 2010 during the weekend.

I was extremely exhausted because...
I didn't sleep the night before !!!!
Which mean I went to work without sleeping...
I was really really sleepy during the roadshow
just like a walking corpse !!
almost fall asleep in the MRT on my way back home..
HUFF !!!

I just woke up. time now is 09.00pm !!
Again, I didn't sleep last night...
I slept this morning !!
I really think that there's something wrong with me..
Should I try sleeping pills?
Anyway...The roadshow was fun, a lot of new colleagues.
They were all new interns and you know what !!
There's an intern named IRENE TAN too !!
Hahahaha when someone called "Irene...."
two of us will look back..Hahahaha...
This is for the first time, I met someone..
with same name and same surname as me !
working at the same place and same status
(ok I know, I am EX- intern)!!
Btw, + same straight long hair too =_="
Hahahaa the difference is that,
I have an "Octoviani" to differentiate my name..
and she's slim, I am fat hahahahahaha....
(I know reu will point this point let me say first haha...)


So I am going to introduce you something

Biore cleansing oil cotton facial sheets

Again, excuse me PINK !!!!!
Look at the PINK box...!!!
So glam !!!

Don't you love it?

So, how to use?

There's this pack inside the box...

Open it...

and use !!! hahaha that easy !!!

What to use for?
If you just came back from work, school, party or wherever !
And you don't wish to take a bath immediately,

When you're outside and you want to remove make up,
(swimming?, travel by coach to msia?, etc)

First step when you arrive home is..
because it's really dirty and full of bacteria..
Imagine you're outside whole day,
sweating, pollution, dust, oil, etc
are all on your face!
It can cause ACNE man!

So for lazy people LIKE ME,
should buy Biore cleansing oil cotton facial sheets
Clean face FIRST then do whatever you want
(browse internet, dinner, watch tv)
whatever things!

I usually came back from school at about 3-6pm
then I'll only clean my make up at 9-10pm at night,
when FINALLY I decided to take a bath.
Which was totally WRONG !!

I should clean my face once I got home.

Biore cleansing oil cotton facial sheets
is a good product that you can consider !
It's affordable, light-refreshing fragrance,
no greasy, sticky feeling after use.
It can really clean your make up.
I was using liquid foundation, blusher, mascara, eyeliner
and see this !!

I thought It's quite impossible to remove my mascara,
I took the risk to try and I was amazed!
It can remove my waterproof mascara !!
Fyi, I didn't applied a lot of mascara that day.
If you've a thick mascara, you might need
Biore Make up Remover for Eye and Lip to remove it.

Now, with Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets,
You can enjoy then convenience of quick and easy makeup removal
anytime, anywhere.

My readers get to redeem a FREE Biore Sample kit !!!
which consist of;
1 Travel size of Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip,
1 Travel size of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets

Redeem yours now !!
While stock last =)

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