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13 October 2010

Baking Fun !! - Rene's cake !!

So !!
This was how my cake looks like
after I covered it with frosting
not bad right =)

Btw the frosting was vanilla flavor!

The icings left were only black and pink....
Black was irritating. You've to be very careful when apply.
If not the colour will stain here and there hufff

Do you like my cake? Hahahaha

I photoshopped it so the cake won't looks too dirty =P

Ok this is weird...
Cake. Photo. Washroom =_="

Btw do you like my shirt?
I created that myself Hahaha...
So anna sui-ish right!
I bought a white shirt and
some permanent markers specially for shirt from Art Friend

That's it for my baking post...

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You like it? =)
want more baking post?
kindly comment!

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