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12 October 2010

Baking Fun !! Anna Sui Cupcakes =)

We walked to West Coast Plaza on last Thursday for dinner!
Yes walk! about less than 10mins!

After dinner, we went to Cold Storage for some groceries.
and I randomly, picked up a lot of ingredients for BAKING!
(a bit scary! because I didn't do any research before hand)
Hahaha purely random!

So these were some baking ingredients I got!

Some baking tools =)
Ehya that I got that cupcakes mold from Ikea and gloves from Giant!
The rest were from Cold Storage!
red man colorful sand $ 1.45
M&M $ 6.95

So I got this Betty crocker brand for the cake mix!
$ 5.60

Sounds easy Isn't?
Just MIX everything, BEAT and BAKE !!

It was really easy though...
Just add water, egg white and veg oil
Then BEAT !

Buttered your mold before pouring the mixture.
So it won't stick when it's done=)

Then BAKE !!
For me, It took almost 40mins on 250 °C

While waiting, I did the frosting !
These were the ingredients used.
DW $ 9.60
GS $ 4.95
JELLO $ 2.30

Just mix everything together and Beat !

1-1/2 cup of cold milk,
1 envelop of Dream Whip,
1 pkg of Jell-O instant pudding
(Personally, I added some whipped cream to it too =P)

It was kinda FAIL as it became watery!
But I only mixed it with 1 cup of milk =(
and I don't know why It became runny.
So I added in another envelop of Dream Whip
(Btw, There were 4 envelops in a box)

And later, I found out that, I need to keep it in the refrigerator.
Maybe that was the reason of the runny mixture.
It actually became thicken after storing it in the refrigerator.
Btw, you need a machine ! The manual beating part was killing !

So, put aside the frosting and TADA !!!
My cake is done!
But I don't know why it was tearing ckckck...
nvmd as long as it tasted good =P

It smells good thought..
But honestly, it was a bit too sweet aww...

The FUN part ! Decorating it !!!

Gel $ 2.40/each
Icing $ 3.50/each

My naked cupcakes !

Ok I regretted I shouldn't buy the Black icing !
And the purple wasn't the purple that I was expecting.
Ok it was my mistake...
It was purple GEL ! (written on the packaging lo) lol

Final Products !!!

Hahaha The Black one so ugly omg!!!

Too bad, I didn't get to use up all these canned fruits! hmph..
Maybe next time =P
Maraschino cherry $ 4.95
Purple Plum $ 6.75
Raspberry $ 9.40

That's it !! =)
Overall the ingredients cost more than $50!!
Hahaha I can buy a lot of cupcakes outside lol

I am going to post about my cake soon! =)

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