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30 October 2010

My Anna Sui Collection !

So!! I walked by Takashimaya several days ago....
Purposely walked to Anna Sui counter to check the price of their new perfume !
And see that !! The bottles were so collectibly nice !!

But honestly, I still prefer Anna Sui Fancy Flight collection...

Nice bottle..!!!
But the smell was not so anna sui-ish...
Anyway! you can still consider to buy and collect it..

This month free gift..I WANT IT ALL !!!!

Lastly, look at thisssss !!!!

Laptop case, luggage bag and etcccccccc !!!
There were big luggage too...but didn't manage to see it...
They didn''t display it..

These were only redeemable when you spent $600 - S$1000 to S$2000 !!!
Personally think that it wasn't a good deal...

as I got this luggage bag last year...
(Hahaha yes, I tried to stuff my Gucci in =P)

Not only that...
I got an Anna sui cushion,

And also a tissue cover... !!

I spent less than S$ 500 only lor !! =)
And I still think that my luggage is better than their current collection =P

These are things I bought from Mini Bits...
Anna sui Inspired items =)

These are Victorian style miniature furniture !!!
I bought it 2-3 months ago...

Can't talk much now....
exam exam !! one more to go !!!
and I hope NO supp paper for me =(
That's it thanks for reading !! =)

Oya Oya Oya !!! almost forget !!

My new Anna Sui Carpet!!! envy envy envy? =P

I love it so-damn-much !!!!
It's actually in royal purple colour!!
darker purple than this picture =)
Now !! I can bear to use it =P

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