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08 October 2010

21st Bday with Him!

So on 05th of Oct 2010 midnight 11.55 pm
Someone said "Let's go for swimming"

of course WEIRD I mean hellow!? 11.55pm !?
you think I am dumb? don't have any other better story!?
6th of October was my birthday! =)
I knew and was expecting for something to happen!

and yeah so someone (his bro)
has actually put a cake near to the swimming pool..
Haha so boring...
no firework? or myb some other exciting things? =P
I was expecting for it you know..Haha..


Thanks for the Pink Esplanade cake! =_="
Was expecting for an Anna Sui-ish cake =(

Was expecting for purple rose =(

He got me 7 purple tulips instead
and 1 white rose, 1 pink rose, 1 red rose
Sorry but it was the weirdest flower combination I've ever seen.

Yes Haha I am a complaint Queen =PPP
A lot of expectation !
I know you were SAD because of all my complaints.
But I am sorry. This is me =P

Anyway..Thanks! Hahaha...
I know you've done your best. =PPP
and I think I know why..
That was the amount that I deserved =)

It's not the matter of price/money
Its the sincerity.
Which I didn't see/feel it =(

Of course no photo coz no make up Haha 11.55pm ler =P


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