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01 September 2010

Supper in the middle of the night with Dad Mum and Bro

OMG I just realized that I have not blog about this !
I kinda miss dad mum sis and bro now.
Hoho I went back to Indonesia last month?
We went to had dinner at this hawker center called A1

Bro was recommending this "O Luak" (Oyster)
He knew this from cousins.

and Seriously Totally Crazily MAD NICE
wahaha It was fried with egg and some sauce that
tasted like balacan (Indonesian style of Chilli Sauce)

And of course SATAY !!!
thanks Bro for ordering LAMB =_=" I hate lamb!

Sotong Bakar (Grilled Squid)

And of course Es Koteng !

Wahaha A bit of everyone here...

Bro half-awake face,
dad peace
and mum can't wait to have her es koteng !

I love my family muah !

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