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12 September 2010

Sun Plaza & The Cambridge - Medan

We went to Sun Plaza Mall yesterday...
He was driving and as usual jam jam JAM !!!

and finally after about an hour of driving.
We arrived at Sun Plaza Mall.
There were a lot of boutiques that sells a lot of nice dresses
as well as bags, shoes and etc...
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get anything.
Maybe tmwr =P

Btw guess...
What was the 1st shop we went it?
A book store -kill me! fiuh...
I want a holiday, please.
I just don't want to see books!

Finally something nice to see...
Hello Kitty !!!

After walking for about an hour,
we went to another mall I am not sure if its a mall
but it was located under a luxury condominium building
called The Cambridge Apartment.

We went to had dessert at this ice cream restaurant
called Fountain.

and I ordered this....
Clown mickey lol

Cute right? Hohoho...
I remembered I saw a smiley mickey ice cream
on my sis FB
I think she had it at Fountain too- Batam branch.
Anyway stay tune..
I have more things to share =P


Thanks for your lovely comment!