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18 September 2010

Resident Evil - After Life 3D

I went to Vivo City yesterday.
Met my parent and their friends.
They just came back from Shanghai.
They went to visit the Shanghai Expo.

After that, I went to shop around alone..
Spotted these...
Snacks stationary !!! How cutee !!

Let's get closer...

It's a note book inside...

and place not to be missed DAISO !
hehe bought 10 items $20 which considered expensive.
But again, shopping in DAISO makes me happy !

I found this carrier mad nice right?
Gonna D.I.Y it =)

Cute lil couple...
I know it's useless but I can't resist purple butterfly =P

Then he came to join me and we went to Garuda for dinner...
I hate him ! He always ordered too much food.

He was trying to snap unglam picture of me HUH !!

We ended our day with Resident Evil - After Life 3D
It was a HYPER exciting movie ! awesome!

Bought some groceries from Giant..
Lastly, things that always pissed us off !
FIND / CALL for TAXI from Vivo City Phew...
It was really annoying =_="
Especially pissed when the operator told you that
"The taxi around that area is not available"
So how? walk home? =(

We finally got our taxi after almost 50 calls I guess =_="
Next time I'll just walk further and flag for taxi
than wasting time and energy calling for taxi huh...

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