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20 September 2010


No offense post.
Purely random...

see that? I am serious wahaha =P

I admit.

My English is considered as broken English..
Because I speak with heavy Indonesian accent..
and my grammar vocab listening skills whatever!
need to be improved too !

(English class 2 years ago with a teacher that I dislike
She's just too busybody and annoying..
what's even worse is, she's a two-faced person and
money grubbing .....(fill up yourself)
Annoying isn't? Whatever!

Anyway...See...I told you...
FML huh...

To the point,
I just want to say that I prefer to speak Indo-English
rather than Singlish..

I admit being in Singapore for more than 2 years.
More or less it influenced me.
I've picked up the habit of
ending a sentence with the word "la".
It is a very bad habit and I am still trying to avoid it =(
Other than that,

I am not influenced by some other words such as;
siaa, shiok, peng, nabe
(I think this is something rude
which I have not figure out the meaning of it)
and etc...
Check out this site for more.. click here

For him,
he's an ANTI- singlish person..
He always make fun or repeat the singlish
he heard from other people.
He's totally not influenced by any singlish word.
Yes even the word "la"

He's very very very very good in English,
especially when he's drunk !! seriously !! Hahaha..
He can even speak in British accent.
but yah again ONLY when he's drunk LOL

When he's awake, his English still need to improve.
But at least he don't speak Singlish.
We visited some mooncakes booth at Vivo City last 2 days.

We heard this from a couple

"aiyo zhi yang duo yue ping ni hai jiang bu gou ahr?"
"Ni zhi wan chuan bu ni hue peng ahr.."
(bear with my pinyin haha)

"Aiyo so many mooncakes you still says it's not enough ahr?"
"If you finished it all, you'll go peng ahr"

Haha..we thought it was quite funny =P
Imagine, he repeating it LOL =_="
Fyi, he's not good in Chinese too.. =)

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