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28 September 2010

New Bubble Hair Colour - Liese Platinum Beige

Just came back from Indo..
Went back there for a short trip...
Enjoyed my days there with my lovely fams !!

I was just thinking about dying my hair..
because simply....
My current hair colour is
soooo NOT EXCITING.. !! (aunty Lucy style..)

I received Liese Bubble Hair Colour !!!
via Ester through Nuffnang from Liese !!
Hahaha long story....
Decided to try it very soon so stay tune !
Meanwhile you can refer to my blog post about

Liese Bubble Hair Colour - Ash Brown

It was a year ago !! (time flies)
And yes that was the last time I dyed my hair

I was asked to choose between
Platinum beige and Sweet Apricot
Afraid that Sweet Apricot will come out to be too bright..
So Finally I get Platinum Beige..

It's selling at Watson, Guardian ans etc...
Price is less than $20 !!

Guess what?
I asked him to pick it up for me from nuffnang office...
and he traveled all the way there by CAB...
WTH !! The cab fare was $17.50 !!!
I can buy another Liese bubble lor...

(This is the reason why we always quarrel)
I just can't accept him doing this =(
So what's the point to travel there?
I can't accept it !!


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  1. 17.50 is as good as getting 1 more Liese.

    Sometime really, wondering what guys are doing.

    I tried it before. I think it not too good on white hair. /: Or maybe my white hair too stubborn.

    Hair getting white after brainstorming and planning. )':

  2. Hi sun flower...

    Yah !!! really they don't think much when they do things ! huhuhuhu...

    Btw, no it's not your hair...
    It's the dying agent..
    I think it's indicated somewhere..
    It's not suitable for white hair..

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