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17 September 2010

The most expensive cardigan in my life !!

Yes...slap me...
I just bought a cardigan for freaking $ 249 !!!!!

So the story starts from,
the day before we went to Medan last week..
(yes after we missed our flight =_=")
We were planning to put our money into the bank

As it was a holiday, 10th September..
We assumed all Banks were closed
So, we tried our luck to go to Vivo City
to find an Automated Deposit Machine.

What we understood was,
ADM can't accept big notes, such as $1k
We need to spend some money
in order to store the money.

The first store we went in was Mango.
He choosed some clothes for me but totally not my style !
He insisted me to try..and so I tried some..
It wasn't too bad but no thanks...
Seriously it was not my style at all lol...

Then we went to Ted Baker and
that was where the disaster took place !!
He tried on some shirts...
and as usually I was bored !
and I took my camera out and snap !!

The place was so nice..!!
I love their fitting room =)

He loves the shirt he tried and he bought it...

and blame my eyes !!
I saw this cardigan !!! when he was paying his shirt and..

Without much thinking I said
"Excuse me I want this"
My salary gained from Natas fair gone just like this =(

What bought is bought...
I should wear that cardigan,
have my tea with some desserts in my balcony someday
and enjoy tai tai life...

Wahahaha Ehemp =P

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