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23 September 2010

MOF の My Izakaya

After from I love Taimei,
we went to Ministry of Food
Wahaha Eat and Eat and Eat lol

Reason :
I actually promised ptfb for a lunch after he's done
But sorry! Haha we've had it without you =P choice, I still need to accompany him
He had this grilled prime rib eye steak set for lunch

And for bro and I, we had DESSERT-Chocolate Fondue !

The picture shows like it's a lot...
NO !! the portion was small (enough for two only)!

His - Chocolate Sundae..
We were FULL !!

He ordered Grape Hoegaarden to go along with his steak
So not necessary..
Ice water is enough =P

After the Meal, we walked to City Hall as
He wanted to buy his Man United - Berbatov Shirt

He spent $123 for the shirt...
again so UNNECESSARY =_="

Btw when he told the person to print
"Berbatov" name on the shirt
The person replied "Again!?"

Hahaha...Berbatov is HOT now !

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