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09 September 2010

Let's run away from stress !!

A lot of things happened recently
I feel miserable T-T
Guess what? I cried just now..=_="
OMG I still can't believe it..
I randomly cried in the campus MAN ! =(
in the theater hall MAN !!
bo face liao MAN !!
But lucky..
no one know me except my group mate
(and a long lost cousin actually).

Am flying to Medan in less than 8 hours
for his grandparent's wedding anniversary..
I hope to get better after coming back from there...

Everything is expensive these day...
round trip ticket for 3 to medan were about $1100

Gucci's boarding fee.. =_="
$25 x 6 days = $150
$25 holiday surcharge =_="
$40 grooming
$35 for miscellaneous frontline and detick
$ 30 transportation

total freaking $280 !!
I need to work 3 days part time job
to get that amount of money...

Gucci was checking his bag
"Hm...Mummy have you put my snack in?"

See you mummy !!
See you baby! Will miss you !
Love you, MUACH !

In fact : NO he was crying when he left T-T
sorry baby..mummy will come back asap!
take care yourself okay...
be friendly to others...
make friend and find girlfriend.. =_="

(I miss him sitting on my lap while I blog)

New song for my blog..
Enjoy life !!!

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