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14 September 2010

Last Night in Medan

Last night as in the last night...
as well as last night as in yesterday's night
ok you can ignore me =P

Woke up early yesterday

Accompanied his grandma to this old-school saloon...
It was called The Asim saloon, a very traditional saloon...
I curled my hair there too...
Lucky my hair wasn't too old fashion =P

Haha...a bit messy here...

I put on my eye lashes and tada !

Please ignore the background =P

His mum borrowed me this cute lil small pouch..
enough for my phone...

Door gift

High light of the night...
Ah kua show wahaha...

Sexy not?

Ah ma Ah kong...

and US =)

and small gifts =)

For when she go pasar she can use it..

ah kong wore this last night..

am back from Indonesia, truly Asia =P

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