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15 September 2010

Last Day in Medan ! 13 Sept 2010

We had our last breakfast that day.
Haha sumptuous meal !! =)

Our first destination was this eye center.

He wanted to check his eyes.
He said that he experience blurness when looking at words
*excuse! =P
I think it's because his eyes are too small wahaha =P

Specs corner..

And tadahhh !!
look at what he was wearing...

wahaha...looks dumb lol

Seriously dumb... I can't stop laughing =P
He was supposed to be walking around..
but he just DON'T WANT TO...hahaha...
He was asked to test if the glass suited him..
Haha who the hell will want lo...
walking around with this funny glasses..
I bet people will laugh..Just like me =P

Btw if he found out that I posted this photo of him..
he will definitely kill me.. =P
so enjoy it before he kills Haha...

Then we went to had our lunch at this restaurant
called Golden Yen
I heard it was a quite famous restaurant...
I tried their "Jien Ke Pui" Fried chicken rice lol
Btw I've been learning hokkien...
but so far, I only know this sentence..
"Ke pui kui ce lui?" How much is the chicken rice?

Oh ya...!! Guess what !!!
while I was enjoying my meal..
I saw a lunatic guys standing outside the restaurant
He was asking for ice tea LOL
In fact, it was very disturbing as he was very dirty and
he exposed his butt RML
and what's scarier was, he was smiling at me omg !!
No choice but to take it as an attraction hahaha...
was thinking about to snap a picture of it..
but excuse me...
I was having meal with his parent..

They will think that I am weird =D

After from Golden yen,
we went to an optical shop to get his glasses..

An then, we went to buy some cakes from CLOVER !!
again, It was a famous bakery shop in Medan..
It was very very very crowded and
a lot lot lot of beautiful cakes !!

Hahaha...we bought some back to Singapore...
And I think it was too much lo.. =_="
Will share that on my next post...

That's it for my Medan trip...

Overall, it was a pleasant trip !!
I will definitely go there again..
Because, I want to visit Brastagi !!!


And go fishing LOL
The trips were being delayed 3 times as we'all woke up late =P
and at the end, we didn't manage to go..
I hope to spend more time in Medan next time =)

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