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04 September 2010

It's moving time

Yes I am MOVING to my brand new house TODAY !!!
(I supposed to post this yesterday...)
so yah...
I have moved in yesterday! instead of am moving =P

A bit of my agent face in the picture if you notice wahaha
He's a friendly guy with a car that can bring you around
And seriously helpful !
He come all the way down just to help
ptbf's bro to sign his school contract =)
(as he needs a Singaporean guardian)
He drove me to SIM just to tap my card and etc

Have been visiting IKEA recently
like 3-4 times these two weeks =_="

Had spent some monies on furniture and gadget
which were actually not necessary =_="

Thanks waiter wahaha !!

Pasta with tomato sauce!!
Poached Dory with Cream Sauce
Popular Fried Chicken Wings

SWEDISH MEATBALL !!! My all time favorite !!!

And of course dessert !!!
Cheese cake and Chocolate Mousse !!!

Ok yesterday was a GOD-DAMN-BUSY -DAY
I slept at 4am, ptbf slept at 11pm this morning !!
He went to rent car at Changi..
crazy or what?
Btw thank you so much,Clint.
Thank for helping us so much really appreciate.
Haha OK and you too,ptbf.
I know you worked extremely hard ystd.
am going to order sumptuous meal for you
after posting this blog =P
and of course ptbf's bro Haha..
I worked with him on DIY-ing all the furniture from Ikea

And VERY SORRY to my group mate,
all the work that was supposed to be done by me
Sincerely Apologize. T-T

gonna update again...stay tune !


  1. it's fun to move to a new place right.. i wanna move too! haha.. =P

  2. Rene,
    all the nice sedap food in Ikea....
    how i miss the meatballs with jam


Thanks for your lovely comment!