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06 September 2010

Healthy Meal !

I am on diet ! (part-time job)
Wahahaha ! ok not funny. =_="
I have been TRYING to eat healthily.

and yes, I tried to reduce my food post
(if you notice, No? =P)
Because, I am not really a food blogger
and I am not good at commenting food
(as you'all know) haha..
What I have been doing was just to show the food picture
and comment nice, not nice, expensive, not, thats it! =P

These are some healthy food I collected recently.

Shrimp Cocktail salad - Saizeriya - abt $5 and NICE

Pasta Mania - Potato Salad

Sparklin' fuji apple + healthy sandwich (tuna,cheese,ham)

My finds from FairPrice,
Gardenia milk bread and miscellaneous TUNA !!

Yes I love TUNA and I love SPICY Tuna =)

Breadtalk - cute bread !

Almond drink and Sandwiches (Sausage, ham, egg mayo and veggie)

Do you have any other recommendation?
Please comment =)


  1. hi..irene... suggestion!! try to cut down the potato thingy and creamy stuff as they contain more carb and fat and its hard to digest..

    try to switch over white bread to wholemeal cans food if possible, bottled drink as well (they are high in sugar)

    eat 2 banana in the morning as breakfast, they can keep you full longer... : )

    recently i have gained some weight too, so i try to adjust my diet with lots of fruit and vegie and limit my carb intake...and i found it help a bit..just in 2 days, you can feel the difference, your body will feel lighter somemore...: )

    seems like too much comment!!

    P.S: i am a stalker of your

  2. OMG thank you so much for the suggestion but as I mentioned, I am a part timer hahaha I purposely forget that I am on diet wahaha For me, the best thing will be to skip dinner but unfortunately I cant control myself and my bf always force me to eat =(

  3. then you need to develop a strategy to prevent your bf's way to distract you from diet! : )

    maybe drink a lot of water before dinner? or you can order some healthier stuff in the restaurant and encourage your bf to go to other healthier restaurant as an option!! maybe chinese restaurant?? : )

    and yeah, do singapore sell edamame?
    it's a healthy snack and yum~~ it can be replaced by other unhealhty snack : ) cheers!! keep on your blogs!! be happy :)

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