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03 August 2010

Wohooo my shirt all the way from Korea !!!

I love to shop at
a lot of choices and CHEAP !!! hohoho...
All the shirts and dresses I bought were not more than $10 !!
Including postage !!
Hohoho...*mad happy*

This is one of them..
(I have about 5-6 more to share on blog!)

Momah love purple !!!!

Super woman shirt !! nice righttt =)

Now !! Some of my friends commented that
I looks very different from photos...
Here's a video of me...
Hahaha was trying to looks slim..

Now...please comment
Very different meh?

12 second is disgusting enough.. lol Haha
ok I cant stop laughing at myself doing this stupid video
you can skip it >_<


  1. No . You looks Great sis :)

  2. Haha thanks for your comment =) ok at least I have one person commenting on this post lol


Thanks for your lovely comment!