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19 August 2010

Siam Kitchen

Campus life has been enjoyable,
more manageable than first month.

BUT I am stress now...
I only left about 2-3 weeks to find a new place to move
and yet I have not found any suitable place...

duh stress stress stress...

Siam Kitchen !!!
Everything was NICE !!! =)
I have been patronizing Siam Kitchen recently..

Tried their Rose Iced Tea..

Thai Pina colada
Mango Salad
Chicken wing I swear this is NICE !! and you've to try !

Chicken w/ basil leaf according to ptbf bro it was super nice..

Green Curry - I love it

Tom Yum
I still prefer my version =P
I forgot what is this..
.but it was nice too =P
and thai popular red ruby =)
I am not a food blogger and...
I don't know why I just love to take and post food pictures lol
I'll try my best to decrease food blog post okay =P

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