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27 August 2010

RED DOT brew house

aha just another F&B posts lol
I have been busy ! group projects are due-ing !
I am mad-crazy-stress with all of the projects...
It SEEMS easy but honestly it's killing me !!

Will work for NATAS fair this weekend
Will move to my new home next weekend
Might go overseas next next weekend
Hopefully I can have a relax weekend next next next weekend

Projects are due-ing and
I will be VERY BUSY for all weekends ahead...
=( I just hope that all projects will be fine..
*Please be FINE =(

Last two weeks we had our lunchie at Boat Quay
just after meeting our landlord.

Red Dot Brewhouse sounds familiar to me.

And after thinking thinking and thinking !
FINALLY I remembered !

Red Dot Brew House was one of the listed
Internship Companies when I was poly.
If I am not wrong, one of my friends had her internship there.

It was an enjoyable lunch
as we were facing to the Singapore River.

The food was GOOD to me
but the portion was not enough to him =_="

Ice teas

My Appetizer - Oyster ! OMG heavenly good ! I love the sauce !

His clam chowder? I forgot

My Chicken Breast - was tender and GOOD !

His Autrailan Grain Fed Rib eye Steak
ok lah I admit it was small !

And of course everything have to be completed with

Whisky Chocolate Melt cake

A rich chocolate cake with a whiskey molten center
+ Vanilla ice cream !
Can you resist it?

Have a LOVELY day !

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