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29 August 2010

National Library Singapore

Ribbon on my back =P

PS: Forget, Forget, Pls Forget the messy background thanks!

Was wearing a shirt with MARC word from Gmarket
less than $10
and a high waist short from Bugis
for $15 only !

with my naughty baby !


of course cute =P

love you Mr.Gucci !

Accompanied him to National Library

He was looking for sport-related architecture books..

Finally DONE after about less than an hour of finding !

Went to have our first meal of the day at
Koo Kee dumpling and Ramen House

Pickles and Wet tissues
(I really hate paying on all these unnecessary things)
It's not the money issue but I feel cheated.
They forced us to use and pay for it even we don't want to, isn't?
We can't says "I didn't use it, I don't want to pay for it."
It's not a classy behavior =_="

I actually feel better if they include the price of
wet tissues and pickles in their food
Something like
"without us knowing that we're paying for it".

Rather than me knowing that
"you're paying $5 for wet tissue and pickles"

or maybe..
They should ask "do you need pickles and wet tissues?"
Rather than just put in in the table assumed that
we will need it and have to pay for it.

I know and understand that this is one of their
revenue sources.
Their tactics to earn more money.
But sorry, I just hate it.

White Bait Love it !

5 spices Beef *never* order this =_=
It tasted like vegetarian meat, very soft and aha,
It also tasted like Indian food to me.
I just don't like it.

Stewed Pork
Waitress cut the meat for us.

With man tou

Overall, not worth it.
It was expensive and food wasn't really nice.
But I'll definitely go again,
to try their ramen and xiao long bao =)

OMG tomorrow is BORING MONDAY ! hate it !

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