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22 August 2010

Nail Extension, 3D and Crystals !

I blinked my nail with extension + 3D + crystal !
I was thinking about having PURPLE nail polish + black rose
something like Anna Sui.
But the manicurist advices NO.
She said, black 3D can't be seen,not nice.
and so, I leave it to her to design.

The shop is located at BCS mall -
Yes sorry girls but it's in Indonesia =P

Guess how much I did my nail?
Less than $50 ! WAHAHA....
*Mad happy*

Remember I've ever did extension in Singapore?
It was almost 100 bucks man...
without 3D without Crystal =(
and it stayed with me for only a weeks sigh!

And now,
my latest nail surprisingly still survive after 2 weeks !!
My sis's nail stayed with her for a month!
aha! I am challenging her now...
Hahaha Lemme try to take care my nail
and I hope it will still stay alive after a year wahaha =P

and this is her creation..
start from the base,
black and blink !

And now, the 3D and crystal wohoooo !!
mum was with me..
She waited me for an hour!
Sis was strolling around the mall with her bf..


Tadaaaa !!! Nice?
Which hand nicer?
left on the top
or right at the bottom?

With flash some of the crystals looks orangzee
but in actual it's white crystal and BLINK !!

To be honest I like it BUT not the design I want =(
I thought the flowers and ribbons will turn totally Purple.
But it was a mixture of white and purple..
anyway. I still love it =)

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  1. I love your nails, they are so pretty ^_^


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