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17 August 2010

Mum and Sis

Mum and Sis...
yes both are S size ladies..
that's why I cant share my shirt and dresses with them..
simply because...
I am oversize ckckck...

So they were here last week...
We had KFC am in the morning...
and ION , Canton-i for lunch...

Again, piggy bun !! =)

He was with us...
obviously this was what he ordered...
because it was so OILY !! and he just love

Baby Abalone Fried Rice...
I guess it should be the most expensive fried rice
I've ever had !
It was $38 with gst and service charge
should be abt $40+ man !
ok that's not too bad..
as I can still find 5 pcs of Baby Abalone in it *happy*
wahaha =P

We ordered other dishes and some dim sum too..
And again, I just love their tea cup...
but the tea tasted terrible !

Can I take it home with me? =P

Then we went to walk around orchard, taka, etc
He bought an LV shoes on the spot..
a Super ugly shoes..
will show you guys next time =)
nite !

Canton-i first visit
Canton-i second visit

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