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31 August 2010

Mao Shan Wang (Cat Mountain King)

He bought some durian home.
He said he bought it directly from supplier .
He was there with his friends at the middle of the night.
He waited for the durian to arrive from Malaysia
He got home at about 2 am. And I doubt it.
He said it was from Woodland and I asked,
Geylang or Woodland? WAHAHAHA =P

Malaysia? you like it ah? WAHAHAHA =P
"How much?" 4 for $100 "wah cheap ha..."

wrong wrong very WRONG totally WRONG LOL

Anyway, whatever!

He said the durian he bought was called
Mao Shan Wang

wah cat from the mountain,
must be very seductive
WAHAHAHHAA ok stop! =P
These were the durians he bought.

Conclusion NICE =)

But excuse me lo 1 for $25 !! Which mean about Rp 150.000,-

I can get a big basket of durians from Indonesia.
And FYI, I owned a durian farm. (showing off)
WAHAHA ok not mine but my family.
My grandparent left us a durian farm in Indonesia.
We can eat as much durian as we can when we're back there.
I miss Stone Island =)


  1. beside cat mountain king got another durian called JING FENG. u can try it.. very nice :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!