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14 August 2010

A Lovely Sunday with Family

As you know or don't know,
I went back to Indonesia last week. =_="

I started my Sunday with a mini pack of
chocolate Anlene from MUM

Ok I looks scary here.
Was having light make up with my super plum face.
Went to the church as usual.

Then had our breakfast at Pacific Hotel.
Sis recommended this dim sum buffet...

Called "Golden Palace"

We're quite late and breakfast was closing soon.

Some fried stuff

The variety of dim sum were not much...
only sio may sio may and sio may !
Yes bak pao and har kaw you see below
were our 1st and last basket.

The only thing I love was their porridge!
I can add as much salted egg as I like.. =)

It was located at second floor !

Our dessert..yes OURS ! lol
Dad had grass jelly (not so nice according to him) and
We had this thing called "si mi lu" (what street?) haha..
Sis said, it was nice to mix si mi lu with mango pudding.
So yah...that's a lot !
but again, everything was so so only.

Per person was Rp 50,000 + taxes & fees
which is about less S$10 only!
But that's consider expensive in Indonesia =)


Have a GREAT weekend everyone !! =)

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