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12 August 2010

The Last Air Bender

We went to Orchard Central after dinner.

They were looking for games..

and we camwhore whahaa..

my bro handsome not? ckcckck..

kiss pose fail...
bun face exposed !

And then, we saw crowd...!!
so, we went to kepo..

So it was this wii kind of GOLF game...

You hit the golf to the screen to score lol
He diligently said,
they charged this per hour just like KTV =)
But I am not sure whether what he said was true..
Better check for accurate info =P

we went to LIDO to watch "The last Air bender"

yes midnight show =_="
It started at 12 !!

and It was a 3D movie...
I hate 3D movie seriously...
Very tiring..

and yah don't waste 2 hours of you life
watching "The last air bender" wahha...
It was a quite boring movie for me lol

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