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23 August 2010

The King Louis @ Vivo City

So, bro was here again last week.
He was here to settle his application and school fee.
and yup! He will be joining me in Singapore SOON.

We had a dinner at Vivo City before He left.

After strolling around,

we decided to settle down at The King Louis

Look at their MENU...

so cute right....

Princess and Prince hohoho...

For adult, they offer Knight's and Queen's Menu !!

Now, camwhore time !

See the flash reflection on the table? Magic~

wahaha =P

Was with him too, as usual.

Now, Picture of ME =P

And US, rare picture !

He seldom takes picture with me.

I guess He afraid that his other gf will see =_="

The Interior of the restaurant. So cool rite!

Now the Foods !

A jug of Lemon Tea

Nachos as Appetizer

His Ribeye Steak

Bro's Pasta

and that's it.

Food was considered expensive but overall was nice.

Bye !

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  1. Food looks delicious, I want pasta now *drools!* Oh and you and your boyfriend are so cute together ^_^


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