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13 August 2010

Jumbo @ East Coast

Oh My God !!
Hahaha I forgot to post about where we went to,
after Pasir Ris trip last last week...

So, after from Pasir Ris,
we went to EAST COST
that was my first visit...

I never know that there are
MANY AWESOME food there !!!

I walked alone behind them...
how sad right =(

We went to Jumbo for DINNER =)

Before scroll down, be prepared !!
my battery went EMPTY =(

Pictures below were taken with BlackBerry lol
so don't expect Quality pictures =P

I had lime + aloe vera !!

facing the seas

I love this scallop in yam thinggy !!

Kangkong !

Fish in sweet sauce

Favorite salted egg prawn but I still prefer pu tien salted egg prawn..

Tada !! Chilli Crab !!

and Black pepper Crab !

Singapore style...
dip man thou in chilli crab sauce.. =)

It costs about not more than $300,
the receipt went missing...

We were given this apron !!
to prevent our shirt from chilli crab sauce stain..
hahaha so cute right...

yes I brought one home haha..

tadah !

ohya ! My JumBoOo Card !!! =)

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  1. I always fine myself coming back to your blog to see what you have been eating ^_^


Thanks for your lovely comment!