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27 August 2010

Instant ! Cooked Rice, Cooked Salted Egg, Cooked Sardines !!

Since I moved to Singapore,
without realizing, I've become a super LAZY person !
In Indonesia,
I used to sweep my room before I go out and before I sleep !
In Singapore,
I sweep only when I am FORCED to sweep =_="

I love to cook and We love to cook !
but NO ONE was willing to wash !
We've ever left the dishes for a Week...
yes A WEEK !!
and still no one was willing to touch it!

We will be motivated to wash when;
Parent is coming !
Agent is coming !
Bro is coming !
Whoever that's coming !


How about CLOTHES?
We wash it, we dry it and that's it.
Hahaha !!
I am serious, we SELDOM iron our clothes..
We'll be motivated to iron our clothes only when;
We're going to have a presentation
We're going out for a party
We're going down to Orchard
Again, when parent is coming !

Hahaha I hate Singapore ! =(
But sometimes it's fun..
It's fun to live alone w/o parent
The way we decide who to do the house work is even
Haha we'll decide it with games and If I win,
I don't need to do ANY house work..
wohoooooooo !!!

Ok to prevent cooking and irritating washing,
We love to buy Instant FOOD
which is BAD..yes, BAD for health =_="
But no choice...

Famous Indomie from Indonesia
Instant EGG
Instant Claypot Rice

Instant Porridge
Instant Scallop

I am adding my Instant food post with

Instant Salted Egg

Just tasted like normal salted egg

but of course not as fresh usual

Instant Sardines

My favorite will be TERIYAKI sauce...
what's good about this is we don't need to cook !!

I saw
Instant RICE !!!

All Cooked food I mentioned above
can be founded in FairPrice

Easy Isn't?

I was actually just wanted to eat those for my dinner
BUT too bad, I have 2 hungry ghost at home...
and they cooked more dishes...
PS: Please wash it yourself thanks !

=) Any other cooked food to share?

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