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09 August 2010

Happy Birthday Gucci !!

I bought a cake for Gucci from Pet Safari -Vivo City
NO salt and other ingredients that may be harmful for Gucci !!
I asked the person whether human can eat that too?
She replied YES but it's tasteless..
huahua btw the cake not cheap okay !

Hahaha Sorry Baby,
mummy's choosed a strawberry PINK cake for you =)

Gucci was asking "What's it mummy?"
I replied
"For you my baby, Happy 2 yrs old Birthday !!"

"Are you serious mum?"
"For me?"

"Can I try a bit?"

"Nice !! Quick mum..sing cut and EAT !!!"

Happy Birthday cici
Happy Birthday cici
Happy Birthday cicici..
Happy birthday GUCCI !!

Gucci !! You've grown up
Be a GOOD boy ok...
don't be naughty..
Baby, mummy love you =)


Gucci LOVE mummy too...

btw more cake please...

I fed him the cake only..
without cream..because,
it was TOO PINK !!
I mean it's not good for health haha..
and Guess what?
Gucci don't like strawberry LOL

Happy birthday my 2 years old baby !!


Thanks for your lovely comment!