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02 August 2010

Hair Bun

Say Hello to my Forehead haha...
Good Morning !
Time now is 10.50 am !!

Stomach is still empty.. =(

I've an individual project due on Wednesday..

and I've not even start typing the first word..

Yes I am taking a BIG RISK here...

The project is 35kg heavy Haha 35% I mean..

And here are some pictures of me...

with my latest Hair Bun !!
That's quite a big bunch of bun lol

Got it from for $5 only =)

Nice not?

Do I look Like aunty?

Call me Aunty Rene then Haha...

what I did was just to wrap the hair bun
with my own bun...
so my bun looks bigger... =)

and Luckily the color I ordered
was quite close to my hair colour...
It was dark ash brown I guess...
so it's fine..

Nah what do you think?
It's quite rare for me to tie up my hair...
coz my face will looks very round...
and thats also the reason why,
I seldom take photos from the front

ANGLE will save you a lot time
from photoshopping lol

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