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06 August 2010

Getting another BABY !!

I have been missing lol
My assignment was killing ME !!
Finally I can breathe for awhile and
update something on my blog!!
Total readers for this weeks,
per day is more than HUNDRED !!
that's not much but THANK YOU dear reader out there =)
I will try my best to post more QUALITY blog ok?
Even the English on my blog is englis rusak (broken English) !
*I hope you guys don't mind,
I am still learning =P*
I still hope to have more visitors HEHE


Went to Pasir Ris weeks ago !
Was with sunnie !

Love my sun glass much much...
The colour is brownie red in real life...

Again, was with him and his bro...

we went to pasir ris PET FARM !!!

Was looking for a companion for Gucci..

How I wish they can have FREEDOM
poor doggie...

Went to several Pet farm...

was looking for maltese, poodle actually any breed

BUT too bad....
We didn't manage to get any baby!

You know my Gucci is a Gangster..
It's not easy to get him a companion...

So Overall,
It was an enjoyable trip..a lot of cute puppies...
If you want to find a baby..
I will recommend you guys to this !
Pet Mover !
For exact address, you try can call them..

They have a lot of choices, ranges of breed and affordable price =)

After Pasir Ris...

We went to....

Stay Tune !

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