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21 August 2010

Fruit Paradise !!!

Aha !! Has been visiting fruit paradise recently..
with popo, grandma, ptbf, his bro, my bro, mum and sis !!
(separately, different session) =P

I knew this fruit paradise from Vivo City outlet.
I was so attracted by their lovely colorful and tempting
fruit tarts displayed in their shop.
and of course WHY NOT? let's try !

Let's start from Vivo City outlet. Lovely Isn't?

Colourful fruit tart !

How can you resist these...

It was everywhere in there shop..

Including walls !

Seriously TEMPTING omg omg

Now, Orchard Central Outlet.

Prices of Fruit tarts.

Mixed Fruit tart

Was not bad =) the fruits were fresh !

Banana Chocolate Tart

Not too bad as well. But ot much chocolate.

Suggested for banana lover.

Strawberry Mont Blanc Tart.

Personally like this.

Mango Tart

Mum and sis love this.

Again, Chocolate Banana tart.

Ptbf preference =)

They offer wide range of TEAS too!

I have tried their Passion Fruits tea and Rose bud tea.

Both were nice but I prefer rose bud tea =)

It smells nice =)

Lovely cup again =P

I swear I will buy a tea cup set when I moved to my new home !

Tarts were creamy and TEA goes well with it.

I hope you enjoy this post.

Have a great great day ! =D

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  1. Those fruit tarts are too pretty to eat! I bet they were yummy too.


Thanks for your lovely comment!