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21 August 2010

CNBLUE City Square Mall

So yesterday morning,
when I was otw to the MRT,

I saw some workers setting up the stages and etc.
For? CNBLUE, korean singers I guess.

Honestly, I don't know who they were =_=" ,
till some of my friends shared some info about them on facebook.
I was guessing that it must be some dramas going HOT
that made CNBLUE so famous. And I was right.
You're beautiful (recommended by Martina) and
We got married season 2 (recommended by cynn)

Yes I am outdated lol
and It was this guy called Yong Hwa
who made some of my friends went crazy lol

ok I admit it..he's quite cute.. =D

I am not CNBLUE fans and yes I don't know who they are...
I didn't go to City Square Mall purposely.
I just walked by, snapped and share it here ! Haha...
I was there for dinner with ptbf and his bro.
and It was really crowded !!

I didn't really see them..
Because by the time I finished eating,
They were preparing to leave.

I only managed to see their hair haha...
counted? =P

That's it !

I have found a place and am going to move

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