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15 August 2010

City Under Siege


Just to check if you guys have heard about this movie?

The movie will be released in Singapore on 19 August 2010

Here's the Synopsis

Not satisfied with being a clown in a local circus, Sunny (played by Aaron Kwok) dreams of becoming a great knife thrower; just like his father. On a treasure-hunting trip deep into the mountains of Malaysia, Sunny and 5 other circus performers carelessly triggered a bio-chemical weapon from World War II.

Shortly after returning to Hong Kong, their bodies undergo changes from inhalation of gas from the weapon. Their bones and muscles show signs of animalization. Their strength increases incredibly. The group decides to use their special strengths to do evil. Robberies and assaults erupt in the city.

Sunny’s strength and agility also boosted but strangely, he shows no signs of animalization. As a result, he gains fame and popularity. While the others are turning into ugly creatures, they decide to kidnap the top five richest men in the city and set a trap to capture Sunny so as to find out why is he able to resist the mutation in his body.

It was rather a VERY FUNNY MOVIE.
Wahahhaha Thanks

I went to watch the movie preview last night at Plaza Singapura.
I watched it
with him only. Sorry bro, I only have 2 tickets =P
The movie was FUNNY and TOUCHING
There were love story, action and of course comedy in it.
I cried in several parts hahaha I am just that easy to cry.
and HE kept laughing at me HUFF..

Aaron Kwok carried his role well in the movie.
I still can't believe. A big star like him can makes me laugh till ROFL !!
Ptbf also praised him many times (rare!)
and of course commented on Shu Qi too!! =_="

Let's don't describe too much because,

et's end this post with funny Aaron Kwok photo!
Find out what has happened to him on
19 August 2010 !!

After the movie, we went to had our dinner at Lao Beijing !
food was not bad..
But we quarrel so..
no food photo for today wahahaha...

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