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10 August 2010

Bro came to Spore !

The next day after bro came on last Friday,
we went to had chicken rice and chicken curry naan
at a coffee shop in front of my house...

Then, we walked to this LE cafe confectionery and pastry
It's at Verasamy road not to far from where I live.
I bought 3 boxes of Bean curd tart and 4 boxes of pineapple tart.
As mum love it ! =)
I knew this from Joe..
during internship a guest gave him these...
click here for the pictures..

Price was..
$8 / boxes of 8 beancurd

Pictures with celebrity...
yes THEY are famous =)

Then we went to City Square Mall to shop!!

Then Harbour front..
Guess what? we went there at about 6 and...
and the only timing left was 10.00pm last ferry
=_=" So we walked around Vivo city and Harbour front...
yes 4 HOURS !!

Finally, settled our dinner at Ramen Ten

I had kiwi soda thinggy and he had orange juice...

I had beef tom yum ramen NICE !!

It was mild spicy =)
He had cheese chicken !

Momah total weight of my luggage were 17kg+ ckck

am going back to SGP today =)

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