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20 August 2010

Acne Skin? Let's consult with Irene for FREE (worth $120) wahaha

Acne skin?
Don't worry it's very common.
I went to Elizabeth hospital for treatment months ago

and now.
My face is flawless =P.

To save your $120 (15min) consultation fee.
I am here to share with you the secret !

For FREE ! less than 5mins haha!

Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin (watson) selling at $29.90
I get from my doctor $22.90

and stiemycin solution
(not sure if you can find it in the pharmacy)
but it's an alcohol form of AWESOME solution.
It dried your skin very fast.

And Roacuttane. Definitely can't get it outside.
Because you need to have doctor's prescription to get it.
It cost about $100 for 30 pills

Cetaphil Cleansing Bar is for your body.
In case you've acne on your back or wherever~

Additionally, this is something new.
Recommended by my sis.

Clinie Mask
( $4.95 so far I can only find it at Guardian )
There are many kinds of masks

They have Tea Tree - Healing Solution, Caviar, Platinum lift etc...

I am still not very sure what each of them does.
But I have tried TeaTree.
The result was good !
mum dad bro sis herself used those too. =P

I found out a review from a blogger
that says it's even better than SKII mask.

Might want to try it yourself.
It's 5 bucks only anyway.

I always keep my mask on the fridge.
For extra cooling sensation =)

and lastly,
Biore new *Resort* pore pack I found from watson! =)

I love Biore Pore Pack
because it is the most adhesive pore pack I've ever used !
It does pull out my lil blackhead ! *=_=*

Be Pretty, Don't be lazy !


  1. i also use cethapil...but not as expensive as only about $10 something..: )) you should ask me to buy next time.. lol!!

    P.S: they have good moisturising lotion also...

  2. haha..australia sells it everywhere for around this price for the size you have bought.. and it lasts like forever.. i love the cleanser, will not harsh your skin at all!! i will inform you next time when i want to go back indo, i can buy some for you..cheers... : )


Thanks for your lovely comment!