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28 July 2010

Xiu Xian Xiao Zhan Taiwanese Delights

Sincerely apologize...
It's a bit late and the quality of the photos are BAD haha...
I was using BlackBerry to capture all these...

It's about this Xiu Xian Xiao Zhan Taiwanese Delights
at City Square Mall #04-14
A small little restaurant at a corner
Really sorry as the promotion will end soon
*1st of August*
which is like ONLY THIS WEEK
but it's definitely worth to try..
as the promotion is 40% OFF !!!
no minimum spending required...
available ANY DAY yes including weekend
available ANYTIME Lunch and Dinner..!!

Again, please refer to the flyer
that you can find anywhere in the mall
or proceed to customer service counter for it...
There's a coupon inside and
you've to present that when you settle the bill.

Mango Milk tea nyam and his ice lemon tea !
Fried rice
ru rou fan
It was nice ! I love it !
bacon roll

wonton soup

and lovely BILL hohoho...
as you can see for all those above...
It only costs us $16 !!

For me thats consider cheap.
What do you think?

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